Efficient Exercises to Remove Muffin Tops and Look Great

Published: 10th March 2011
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“Muffin tops" is the term used to describe those ugly rolls of fats that are often visible on the upper portion of your jeans. This usually happens when a person wears tight pants all the time and they are more noticeable if the person wears a low-rise pair of jeans with a midriff top. So if you want to remove that unsightly flab, read the following list of effective exercises to get rid of muffin tops and look great when you are wearing those favorite jeans of yours.

Aerobics - Aerobics is the kind of exercise that is commonly done by people who are trying to lose weight and come up with a toned body, too. So if you want to take off those ugly fats that are causing muffin tops, all you need to do is to play your favorite disco music and dance those baggy fats away. If you regularly do aerobics, you’ll not only end up having a toned body, you’ll also be able to live a healthy life as well.

Bridge - Bridge is a traditional exercise performed in order to tone the portion of your body where muffin tops are usually found. This exercise is done by lying on your back, while knees are bent with feet laid on the floor and staying on this position for 5 seconds, before going back to the starting position again. Bridge exercise will focus on working your back and buttocks area, including the back part of your thigh, and therefore, it is effective in removing those unsightly muffin tops on your tummy.

Jogging - Most health experts will definitely recommend jogging as the best form of exercise. Aside from getting rid of those excess fats in your body, jogging also helps you to stay healthy, both mentally and physically. Begin by jogging only for a few miles at a low speed and when you get used to it, slowly increase your pace and jog as far as you can.

Walking - When you walk for even a few times each day, you will notice that your muffin tops will gradually be gone. Begin your walking routine by walking for only a few minutes each day and slowly increase your time day by day. This way, you will not be so stressed out, unlike if you suddenly walk for a longer time on your first try.

Back Kick - This exercise will require you to perform kickboxing along with other kinds of martial arts as well as aerobic exercises. This is the reason why Back kicks is considered to be the best exercise that could take away your muffin tops.Back kicks focus more on working your buttocks, legs, hips and back area, and therefore, it easily reduce and eliminate your muffin tops completely.

Muffin tops could occur to all of us, regardless of our body types. Even though these exercises are necessary to get rid of excess fats out of your body, they are also helpful in losing those ugly muffin tops. Try these effective exercises to get rid of muffin tops for at least three times in a week and you’ll notice those muffin tops will soon disappear, making you to feel great about yourself regardless of the type of jeans you wear.

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